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Moving to a new home can be a tremendous journey for parents and children alike. The Adventurers Club was written to help families going through that transition. Speaking directly to the reader, the sibling duo of The Adventurers Club invite children to join them and their pet turtle Snappy as they turn packing boxes into pirate ships, empty rooms into art canvases, strangers into friends, and a new house into a home,

Adventure Moves

Adventure moves, and so do you. 31 million Americans moved last year alone, many of them with young families. It can be a time of uncertainty, but Adventure Moves is here to help you make your transition to a new home a joyful one. Get helpful tips from child psychiatrists, experienced movers, and international educators on our blog. Connect with other families, download coloring sheets, and discover a world of moving-themed games in our resources section. Purchase a copy of The Adventurers Club to help your little ones begin their own adventuring. What are you waiting for? Let the adventure begin!

"Great for military families, diplomatic families and any other family that expects to relocate more than once, The Adventurers Club celebrates the adventure in moving and discovering a new home. Where many children's books about moving focus on the stress and sadness of a single move, The Adventurers Club encourages kids to find the fun in a more nomadic family lifestyle and lets them know that "home is the place where you are loved."

Ruth Fitts (author of Australia to Zimbabwe: A Rhyming Romp Around the World)

This is one of the best books I've ever read for kids about the anxieties around moving. It turns it into fun and adventure. Kids are resilient, and can often handle change better than adults, and this book gives them a whole new way to approach big changes. I cannot recommend it enough!!

Julia Inserro (author of Nonni’s Moon)


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