Adventure Kit

There’s nothing like starting a new adventure with the proper accessories! Building an ADVENTURE KIT is the perfect way to begin exploring your new home. Help your child brainstorm what to put in his or her kit. Then keep them handy—when you’re moving, you never know when adventure will strike!

Here are a few things The Adventurers like to keep in their adventure kits:



-a bag of recycling for making helpful adventurer’s tools like binoculars or adventure belts.

-Magnifying glass

-collection baggies

-ball of string


-water bottle

A pair of binoculars is always handy. Whip some up to put in your bag! 

What you’ll need:

-2 empty rolls of toilet paper



-hole punch



-Tape the two rolls of paper together, with a piece of tape at each end.

-Punch two holes in the sides of the rolls.

-Thread with enough string to wear around your neck and enjoy!

katie mastin