Travel Snacks

The movers have come. The house is packed. The kitchen is empty and (maybe) cleaner than it’s been in years. Your suitcases are by the door, and you hear “Dad, I’m hungry!”


 Eating healthy during a move can be a challenge. And there’s nothing wrong with the time-honored trifecta of MacDonald’s, Chipotle, and take-out pizza. But even the happiest of happy meals starts to lose its appeal when you’ve got enough tiny plastic toys to fill a carry-on. Why not make a few heathy snacks in advance to store in that sparkling clean shelf in your empty fridge? Here are a few ideas for healthy snacks to keep you and your kids going strong on the plane, in the car, or just around the furniture-free house.



Mix old-fashioned rolled oats and unsweetened coconut flakes with honey and nut butter to form these easy, tasty balls. Dried fruit adds a kick of tartness and an extra energy boost for those last few hours of frantic packing.

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Surprising portable, it's great at room temperature, easy to carry, and it's completely customizable, so you don't have to worry about a picky kid tossing olives into the aisle of the plane.

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Why, you ask, would you bother making a granola bar when there are about 2,000 options on the shelves that come in convenient, kid-friendly wrapping. One word. Hubris. If you’re feeling unwontedly frazzled, sit down, enjoy one of your homemade granola bars, and tell yourself you deserve to be featured in a freakin’ blog.

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My grandfather always brought a bag of GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) wherever we traveled together. If you’re feeling a touch more adventurous, try these thoroughly modern and easily packable options.

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Homemade fruit and veggie chips that take 5 minutes in the microwave? Yes please! Pop them in a bag and your kids are ready for hours of munching in the car.

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