DIY Kid's Box Desk

One of the trickiest parts of a move is the first week or two when your furniture is driving though Kansas cornfields or sailing across the Straights of Gibraltar. Empty houses can be hard on everyone. Give your kids something to do other than jumping on your surprisingly pop-able air mattresses—build them a kid sized desk! Not only will the activity be a fun way to spend an afternoon, but they’ll have a place to keep all their pens, pencils, and new-found treasures until your things arrive. (And maybe spend a little less time drawing on the freshly painted walls…)



One large cardboard box. The thicker the better.

Empty containers (play dough holders, yogurt containers, a margarine tub—whatever you have handy)

An empty cereal box

Box cutter (or scissors for the more adventurous among you)

Packing tape

Glue gun





1)    Start out by taping your box shut. This will make it sturdy and easier to cut.

2)    Use the box cutter and cut a 8” rectangular hole in the base of the box so little legs can fit under their new “desk.”

3)    Trace around your round containers to make a cutting pattern and then cut a half inch inside the lines for your inserts (play dough holders, yogurt cups, etc). It is helpful if your containers have a lip to keep them from sliding through. You can always cut away more if you need to.

4)    Tape your cereal box shut and then cut off one of the long, thin sides (like where the nutrition facts are) to act as a paper holder. Trace around the cereal box on the long side that hasn’t been cut off. Draw a line vertically down the traced rectangle, cut it with the box cutter, cut off the short sides of the rectangle, and open the new hole up like window shutters. The idea is to leave a flap on the front and the back so you can glue the cereal box to the “desk.”

5)    Spread newspapers on your work surface and make sure the "painters" have on paint clothes. Now here's where your little artist can get into the picture and help you paint the desk in their favorite color.

6)    Fill the containers with crayons/colored pencils/markers and get to crafting!

Craft adapted from

katie mastin